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Established in 1987 with a motto of “high-end, not high-price”, NHT has designed and engineered some of the world's best and most loved speaker systems, including the award-winning Super Zero which has been credited with redefining the performance benchmark for home entertainment systems.

Bookshelf Loudspeakers

NHT is traditionally known for bookshelf speakers. Every bookshelf speaker NHT manufactures uses an acoustic suspension speaker design, which means that the speakers have no ports or holes.

If these ports are present, they can interact with a speaker’s surroundings depending on placement and adversely affect the speaker’s frequency balance. Instead, acoustic suspension the air trapped in the box to act as the spring for controlling woofer cone motion. This superior technique means all NHT bookshelf speaker will offer easy placement in a room, low distortion for fatigue free listening, reliable operation, and easy blending in making exciting and dynamic full-range systems.

NHT bookshelf models can be used as stereo speakers, main speakers, or surround sound speakers in a home theatre.

Centre Speakers

The best home theatre systems have centre speakers that match the front main speakers as closely as possible in sound and design. NHT’s quality centre channel speakers are perfectly voice matched to any of their current and former generations of bookshelf and tower speakers. Or NHT centre speakers can be used in pairs as high quality bookshelf speakers when a low profile shelf speaker is needed.

In-Ceiling Speakers

NHT’s quality in-ceiling speakers outperform most freestanding speakers and blend in seamlessly wherever they are placed. All models feature the same quality parts and attention to detail as NHT in-room speakers and offer unmistakable NHT quality sound. NHT in-ceiling speakers also match their freestanding bookshelf and tower speakers tonally to fit any home theatre or music application need.


General room size and how much bass desired will determine which subwoofer system is suitable. It is important to remember that sometimes two subwoofers are a viable option.

Tower Speakers

NHT tower speakers are considered by many to be best of class. Absolute Tower is a great high-end speaker for home theatre and music systems. The floor standing tower speakers look stunning and sound fantastic in any environment.
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