Generally speaking, an amplifier is an electrical device that increases the voltage, current or power of a signal from any given audio source. Amber offers a well-rounded and versatile list of amplifiers from our extensive audio equipment range.

Guitar amplifiers: Mackie, TC Electronic and Warwick basses have built a solid reputation for their standalone amplifying systems. Designed to strengthen the deteriorated electrical signal from a pickup or electric guitar, these systems suit any live sound environment. Equipped with speaker cabinet, our range of guitar amps range from 50-400 Watts of output power and are capable of a wide range of character – from clean and bright to muscular and powerful.

Mixer amplifiers: Check out our single or multi-zoned amplifiers from our range of mixer amplifiers from Proel and Apart Audio. These amps have simple controls for ease of use, with straightforward programming. Ranging from 240-280 Watts of output power, our mixer amplifiers master the art of cutting-edge designs and intuitive user-friendly interfaces.

Power amplifiers: Amber’s extensive, state-of-the-art range of power amps include brands such as Apart Audio, HDAnywhere, Integra, Nuvo, Onkyo, Proel and Sonance. Also known as electronic amps, they amplify electrical signals that have already been altered to the desired volume level and tone. Our range of power amplifiers produce stunning audio clarity, accuracy and musicality across the entire audio output range.

Home HiFi amplifiers: Residential amps transform weakened, Amber’s complete range of Onkyo home cinema amplifiers are easy to set up, simple to use and generally provides a cleaner, crisper sound than that of a home theatre receiver. Some of our stereo receivers come with optical or coaxial digital inputs to allow for recent advances in digital television. Check out our full range of home HiFi amplifiers for the ultimate in home theatre technology.