Panels And Monitors

Interactive Flat Panels

Our range of interactive flat panels are the perfect video conferencing, screen sharing, interactive solution for any commercial or collaborative space. Designed to encompass all digital aspects of a meeting room environment, Newline interactive touchscreens are the perfect integration tool for classrooms and boardrooms.

 Newline Interactive represent the next generation of collaborative technology, bringing to the forefront an interactive touch display that allows you to work with your team faster, easier and more effectively. By providing a more efficient meeting style, these interactive touch screens give you more time to focus on other things that matter, like brainstorming new ideas, strategizing and analysing past results. 

VN Series: This multi-function display is perfect for educational facilities, seminar and corporate meeting rooms. The updated minimalist interface avoids confusion and promotes efficiency, giving you the ability to write over whatever text is being displayed on the screen. For a complete system with a 178-degree viewing angle, 4K ultra-high definition, look no further.

X Series: Boasting TRUFlat technology for a remarkably sleek look, this unit fits into any aesthetic style with ease. With an onboard computer, this model is so simple to navigate, users require little to no training to become comfortable with using it. These screens are equipped with two wide-angle cameras for realistic video conferencing functionality.

These interactive touch displays feature TRUTOUCH technology that allows for fast, responsive video conferencing with another webcam device anywhere in the world.

The two-way whiteboard provides a meeting room with a blank canvas to brainstorm ideas or better illustrate a purpose or layout of a plan. With Newline’s advanced TRUTOUCH technology, you can share these sketches with just the people in the room or while video conferencing to several parties.

Organising team meetings is a breeze with the Business Calendar function on all models. You can easily manage attendee availability and schedule team meetings in just a few short steps.

TRUCAST allows you to minimise disorder in your meeting rooms by allowing you to share your screens wirelessly from any device and with up to four users.